Thursday, 16 June 2011

Towards a Missional Association?

We have our association executive and staff away day soon and the above is the title I've chosen for us to look at. Just beginning, this morning, to put finger to laptop on it.
I'm taking a leaf out of Glen Marshall's book today - see his blog - Nah then - where he's invited comments on one of his mission modules. As I realise a good chunk of those who read here are Baptists, I wonder what you'd want to say under this heading?
Rather than put up my points, I'd prefer comments not constrained by those. However, the outline (so far) for the sections we'll take the question in are:

Unpacking the jargon.      -  Theological and biblical framework.
What might it look like?    -  Exploring principles.
Where and what do we need to change?      -  Where in our system are the dams?
What are our implications?                              -  Personal and group reflections.

So any offers?

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