Wednesday, 13 July 2011

money talks, but if you don't listen, it shouts....

money talks, but if you don't listen, it shouts....
One of my friends and colleagues, a Bishop in the Church of England, bemoans the number of requests he gets from people offering to try something new, pioneering, fresh, liquid, whatever, but always needs more money to try. When, he asks, will someone find a way forward, which doesn't demand more money?
I missed the prayers led by my colleague Nick, earlier today, but I know one sentence he was going to talk about was 'the good news for the beggar, was Peter didn't have any money on him'. I'll ask him what else he said tomorrow, but it raises the same issue. Do we need more money to do what God calls us to give away?
The BUGB deficit still continues to grow and the latest HM figures, to the end of June, suggest the anticipated appeal giving is not in line with some people's expectations (no surprise here however). The question needs to move away from what can we afford to what can we not afford to do? Personally, I think God is speaking to us through what we don't have to focus attention upon who we need to become.

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