Sunday, 11 September 2011

last lap, or first?

Should I have been in a Sunday worship this morning, instead of running the Bristol half marathon? Well, I wasn't and I did turn up for a service this evening, which I guess will count for those of you appalled by sentence one! The one sadness was 9:11 didn't get a mention - i can only hope that happened this morning.
It's taken today to kick start by post holiday blogging again - for  it's a habit, which when broken can be fatal - not unlike many other things we engage in. Habits are not necessarily 'bad', which is the press they mostly get.
Anyway, bizarrely to some people, I can think and pray when I run and this surprise to me has been one factor, which has kept me going in between the 'targets' like today. One of the recent avenues of thought of running has become a growing concern around the desperate need for Churches to engage the 20's to 30's generation.
Popping down to Momentum recently, just for an evening, started me off down this avenue and the concern is growing within me and the desperate situation become ever clearer. If there's anyone out there remotely bothered about this, I'd appreciate your prayers, because we really do need to develop some strategies, which connect.
This was the first year my daughter Emily and I both ran the half. I guess the majority of runners were in in their 20's & 30's, but most would probably rather be running than worshipping God, but then they neither know they have the option, nor they are not mutually exclusive.

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Anonymous said...

Well done on the run old chap!Certainly praying along with you on the 20-30 y/olds - in fact here we're praying for people in their 40s as well. :)