Wednesday, 14 September 2011

On a journey?

Well I'm on a journey ... I think! Literally I'm still hoping to get to Spurgeon's for a DMin workshop today ... but I opted for the bus. The Megabus is great for one thing - price. With deficit budgets everywhere you can get paranoid about such things but I still get 'why do/don't you'...
It's had it's interesting moments - listening to the conversation between two people about her shooting, drugs and sport. Peace seriously disrupted by the lady on the phone who us an excellent communicator -if the object of the exercise is to let everyone else know how she feels about the fact she was the first one on this f***** bus and now it's full (sorry)!
Plenty of conversations, but no engagement.
How do you just jump into someone else's? You just don't do you, or do you? Well, I haven't .. yet!
I'm reading about George Barna's new statement the US is heading for a population of 310m and 310m religions. It'll be interesting to know more as it's based upon research of the last ten years only. We're further down the road on that one.
Also thinking about On the Verge - very good, but we're not in the same place. We're not on the verge of missional movement even though it's where it would be lovely to get there.
Still on the bus - increasingly late now so I'm sure John Drane will be good but wondering whether I'll find out first hand!
Ironically, whilst on the bus to explore something around missional transitions and the feasability and capacity of Baptist regional associations to become effective in that etc - I'm also engaging in an e-mail conversation, which someone looking at could be excused for questioning whether there's any point - some would doubt whether there is a future church.
We need to face realities ... the bus is late, will we get where we're going?

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