Saturday, 12 November 2011

Nepali time ....

I've been before, but not enough to really get used to 'Nepali time' .... 
'About ten minutes' - nothing ever happens in ten minutes.
'Just around the corner' - hopefully you have your walking boots on.
'We start/finish at 10 o'clock - whatever the time mentioned, add on a very minimum of half an hour, but be prepared for much longer!

We've, so far, missed meals, bible study, church services, meetings and we've only been here just under a week - just think of all the good things we could pack in missing, if it were longer!
I had to laugh, however, when our taxi guy moaned he'd had to wait for us to get down the mountain - considering we set off in the dark in the wrong direction we did quite well to be only half an hour late- but that made us on time after translation!

What I have to say, however, is I have met some wonderful people. Some planned, but more often not.

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