Thursday, 21 June 2012

Fragments of a Captured Past

OK, an apology - I've been away from blogging for too long, for various reasons. Of course, it's not because I have nothing to say!
It would be remiss of me to miss advertising Emily's show next week, "Fragments of a Captured Past" in case anyone's in London and wants to see some good examples of some up and coming photographers (I can direct you to which one!)

It's at  Foto8 - 1-5 Honduras Street, London EC1Y 0TH.

2 Designers Talk on Photography
27 June 6.30pm - 8.30 pm.
Framing questions about publishing, designing and distributing photography

This evening promises to be a really interesting and revealing event, creating insights into design perspectives and processes in photographic publication. Both Patrick Myles and Dean Pavitt have made significant ranges of published works that have engaged with photography and lens based imagery in the course of their careers. 

The session is expected to touch on ideas linking collaboration, technology and spatial concepts, expanding and extending discussions around the photographic image in framing a published project.

Patrick Myles is an independent art director and graphic design consultant producing and commissioning work in wide architectural & design fields.

Dean Pavitt of Loup Design is an independent designer, producing work in the cultural and photographic fields.

This event is FREE! 

We ask you to please RSVP to Foto8 and register your attendance as seats are limited and will be in demand for this exclusive event.

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