Thursday, 6 September 2012

Back to life .... and a new future?

I've been on holiday, not for the whole of August, but a blogging holiday. No clever sabbatical idea - simply life has been way too hectic, at a time of year I count on things slowing down.
However, it's September again and the traditional start tot he church annual cycle is upon us.
There's a lot I could say, but too adverts today:

If you're anywhere near Weston-super-Mare 26th-28th September, why not pop in and hear Nigel Wright? It's not often we have someone of Nigel's calibre among us for three nights running and speaking about  'The Christian Mission in 2012'. The only thing i'm annoyed about is I can only make one evening.

The details I have are:

Weston Bible Week 2012.
"A wideness in God's mercy, an exposition of the book of Jonah"
Dr Nigel Wright, Principal of Spurgeon's College, who will be speaking about: 
'The Christian Mission in 2012'.
7.30pm each evening - 26th, 27th, 28th September 
at Bristol Road Baptist Church, 
BS23 2QS.

Secondly, we are calling our Baptist Churches within BUGB, to prayer this coming Sunday.
Please join us, as we make some key decisions soon, which might potentially, at least, enhance the potential of us becoming more movement than institution again.

Here are some of my prayers, if anyone is short!

Lord, may our decision-making be directed by your Spirit and be in line with your kingdom purposes.

Lord, may we have the courage to make the right decisions for the right reasons.

Lord, may we see more of the potential of your future and focus less on the narrowness of our present.

Lord, may we grasp how big, how vast, how wonderful you are and know your grace is always enough.

Lord, may we know who you are calling us to be and what you are calling to do, as a result, whether we have enough money, or not.

Of course, I'd be grateful for prayer - for myself, the Regional and National staff who are potentially affected by budget decisions and our WEBA Trustees (because we need to respond to various challenges and questions in a short space of time).

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