Monday, 24 September 2012

Christian DNA groups.

Well, I now have 996 copies of "Christian DNA Groups" in boxes in my study. At long last, it's printed and arrived. 

Essentially, it's a book to be used, rather than simply read. Aimed at groups of three people meeting regularly around the words of Jesus, I'm hoping it'll be used to deepen Christian, or Missional, DNA.

My understanding of what this is comes from Jesus telling us, in what we call the great commandment, all the law and prophets hangs on: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind” (D for discipleship). 
“Love your neighbour” (N for eNgagement). 
“ As yourself” (A for authenticity). 

For individuals, a DNA group will help you make the difference God is calling you to make. 
For Church leaders, I believe it will be a useful framework to work with and they can work alongside, or replace existing small groups.
I'm hoping as many of the 1000 copies will be taken up by WEBA Churches, but I'm looking to roll these out over a wider area in due course, so if anybody wants to try them, or wants more details, let me know, via
They're £7 for an individual copy, or £18 for three (£6 a copy), or £90 for eighteen (£5 a copy).

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Rebecca Hardiman said...

Hi Nigel

I've got a lady in our association who saw these on the BUGB website but they aren't there under the new online shop. Do you still have any left and can she buy one/some. I am finding out how many she needs.

Thank you

Becky Hardiman
EMBA administrator