Friday, 22 February 2013

National Regional Leaders as Abbots/Abbesses

I received the following, from  The Missional Network and commend the full article to anyone, trying to engage with the missional transitions, I suggest, even more desperately required in the UK than the North American context, into which Alan Roxburgh is speaking here:

If the North American church is to become a missionary movement in our culture, it will need a leadership that is not primarily shaped by executive, administrative and expert roles. These leaders will need to become more like Abbot and Abbesses; men and women whose vocation is cultivating local movements of God’s people. This is about a fundamental shift in imagination. Up to now the dominant focus of national and regional leaders has been upon the established roles that think, primarily, of how the local fits into national/regional agendas and priorities. The whole agenda of these leaders has to be turned on its head. The transformations required to achieve this are immense, but without this change the viability of the church as a missional community is questionable. A major adaptive response to leadership is required.

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