Monday, 18 February 2013


The best things in life happen slowly, don’t they? Somehow, in an age in which I’m being taught men can multi-task, via every Apple product I own, this man is learning he can’t …. well, not very well, if at all, certainly not for long. Of course, Maggie could have told me that, long ago, but realisation comes … slowly! 
One problem, with being lulled into the illusion of multi-task competency, is it ends up becoming a battle of the sexes and frankly, I'm giving up. The problem with multi-tasking is, not only is it over-rated, but the lure of getting things done quickly, can become self-defeating and easily under-mining, of self, church, leadership, etc. For example, it's easier to lose integrity with a quick decision, rash review, or fast conclusion, but integrity is neither mass produced, nor forged quickly.
Journey’s, relationships, evangelism, cooking, eating, prayer, making love, art, just off the top of my head, are better appreciated slowly. ‘Slow’ gets a bad press, but slow is of the essence, of pretty much anything, which is deep, lasting, resilient, strong. So, it’s with mixed feelings I’m buying an i-pad. In some ways, e-mail is already the bane of my life, or maybe the frustration of those who don’t get instant replies. However, i-pad is where I must go, if I’m to make DNA group material accessible to the i-pad generation. I see so many team and business meetings in coffee shops these days, I’m dreaming of a DNA group in every coffee shop. This will happen … slowly.

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