Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ideally, Change is not an Option, but the Norm

Being keen to promote Christian DNA at the core of all we are, all we do, in every church and follower, I'm always glad to read those who's heart seems to resonate. Not least when are names are similar!
Neil Cole is posting from his book, 'Primal Fire':

The word metanoia (translated “repentance” in English versions of the New Testament) literally means “to change one’s mind.” Frankly, a Christian life without repentance is a counterfeit. The natural pattern of the Christian life is to repent and believe, to put off the old and put on the new in its place. This is not something we do just once at the beginning of our new life in Christ, but something we do at the beginning of every day...and at each day's end. 

It's our practices, which change culture and it's our practices, which identify the assumptions of our culture. 

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