Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Pray for Ukraine

Here is an excerpt from an e-mail I received, yesterday, which I'm highlighting here to help those of you who are looking for some focus to your prayers:

I am writing you this message early in the morning of March 2nd deeply concerned for Ukraine while it is one step away from the war. After bloody clashes all over Ukraine and especially in the center of Kiev when Ukrainians have won back their Independence, Russia sent troops into the territory of Ukraine and occupied almost the entire Crimean peninsula. The provocations organized by Russian special agents take place all around the South East of the country.

In connection with such terrible events I urgently departed from Kiev to Odessa, where during the entire day together with the patriots we have been conducting peacekeeping events in the squares, holding meetings with various political forces and army units to prevent the destruction of the independence and separatism of Ukraine which can lead to a war. Obviously, the situation in Odessa, as in the Crimea is ignited by separatists who set Russian speaking regions against Ukrainian speaking. The situation is complicated by the fact that Special Forces called “Berkut” are demoralized and many officers receive proposals from the Russian special services to move to their side and thus be under their control. 

The position of Ukraine and our brother in Christ Dr. Turchinov who fulfills the duties of the President of Ukraine is exclusively peaceful solution of this critical situation and pressure on Russia from the U.S., EU and UN. I ask you kindly to pray fervently that Almighty God would intervene and not allow war on our peaceful land.

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