Thursday, 19 June 2014

more gardeners?

We had some interesting conversation at our Cluster Facilitators overnight, this week. A game of two halves, to keep it topical - thought we were going nowhere (fast) at half-time, but a great second half recovery!
We remain a very localised connection of churches, despite talking about clusters, associating, networks, mutual accountability and learning, etc.
One particular challenge, which I've brought away is the reminder the Lord is looking for more gardeners - we were reflecting on John 15. A gardener looks for fruit and if there is none, then it's a reflection on how good a gardener they are! (I know this, personally, one well!).
I don't think this was being applied only to cluster facilitators and can certainly apply to anyone in Christian leadership.
It's an uncomfortable route to go down, but dare we must.
The question with me, right now, is can our own Baptist Union adequately re-invent ourselves for a new generation?
“Even a dysfunctional culture, once well established, is astonishingly efficient
at reproducing itself.” (Megan McArdle, “Why Companies Fail”)

Some of us having lunch at our WEBA Cluster facilitators overnight at Cotswold Farm.

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