Friday, 27 June 2014

Why Liverpool should stand by Luis Suarez.

I’m a Liverpool fan, so biased, lacking in objectivity and incapable of rational argument … and that’s just what my wife, Maggie, might say!
However, I am tired of the pretence, listening to phone-ins on five live this week, whilst driving around – I doubt if there’s a club side anywhere who wouldn't welcome Luis Suarez into their first team and I'd be interested how the supporters of other clubs would react if he was one of theirs. Ironically, Barcelona, the latest club apparently trying to sign him, could be the exception – not sure even they are big enough for Messi and Suarez in the same team.

Much has been said and written suggesting Liverpool should get rid of him. The argument goes he’s a disgrace to the club who are known for value based decision-making and dealing with discipline in-house. That’s precisely why I would be hugely disappointed if we walked away from Luis Suarez now. Right now he needs people who will love him, help shelter him from the storm, pick him up and get him back on track. Last season he was a revelation: a model of someone who had learnt from his mistakes, responded to the wise words and support of Brendan Rogers – and everyone had forgiven him to the extent, players and journalists alike voted him their footballer of the year.

I’m not defending his disgraceful act, I’m not denying his need of help, but casting someone adrift at their lowest point is never an answer. If Liverpool FC remain true to their values, now is the time to show it.

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