Friday, 11 July 2014

It's behind you!

I'm sure the photographer here, Colleen Niska, is right in thinking this will only happen once in her lifetime. An amazing photo - taken last week in Canada.

Check out:

The photo depicts the bride and groom holding hands while walking along a country road.  What the couple could not see was the tornado behind them.  A Canadian news station confirms that two tornadoes touched down in the area where the wedding was held, so this was not a photoshopped picture. The couple said the wind blew a tent over, but otherwise their reception was a success!
Interestingly this picture was sent to me by a friend in Malaysia who picked up the 'parable for our times' written by an American. 
So, within hours we have collaboration from Canada, USA, Malaysia and the UK, but across the BU we seem unable to effectively collaborate around mission!? 
However, he really sent me an article by Jim Denison about his recent visit to the UK: 
You may, or may not find his observations true to your experience, but It's always helpful to see how others view us.

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