Sunday, 31 August 2008

heavy rain with a little bit of sunshine

so today will provide the official 'dullest August on record' statistic - at least the 'heavy rain' perspective from Bristol suggests it'll be impossible to turn this around in the next 12 hours. However, yesterday people were talking about ...... the sunshine. We had an induction for Colin Norris at Westbury on Trym, which had the added feel-good factor of the sun shining - can't recall how many people mentioned it, but quite a few. In the evening we had some friends coming round for a meal. Maggie said 'I know you'll think this is a mad idea, but shall we eat outside?' Well, the break in the clouds meant it was no mad idea, which even after the sun had set completely, left a (comparatively) warm evening. Oh company and meal were great too. It led me to think, we don't need much sunshine to make a difference to how we feel about a whole month. It needs comparatively little blessing (if you can ever measure such things, but stick with it for a bit) to make a difference in the life of a Church, or individual. You don't actually need sunshine everyday - good job as we're back to rain, which puts my afternoon gardening on hold foranother week I guess.

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