Monday, 20 April 2009

A Happy Nepali New Year!

Happy New Year – no, it's no mis-print - it’s just become 2066 in Nepal - I knew I was behind, but this is ridiculous!  Because we travelled home via Dubai, our last three nights sleep were in Asia, the Middle East and Europe- wow!

Now I’m home, the sabbatical begins properly! I’ve filled the Cafeteriere and am ready to go, but the same normal dilemma hits me – do I try and get through the post and e-mails, or ignore them? I’ve decided on a day-to-day plan to get them down over the next week – hey, my first major decision of the day, after which coffee shall I use?

I need to build in some decent time to ensure I don’t lose what I think I’ve gained from the States and Nepal – broadening your mind is one thing, but benefitting from it longer term is always an issue. For now I’m content to think a little and let some of the highlights percolate around some more:

A fascinating insight into Nepal.

A real time of blessing with the Bible School.

I whole host of new birds – haven’t even had a chance to count them yet.

Six eagles within vision at 2200m.

Trekking in the Himalayas was just fantastic – how can I get to do the 15 day Everest Base Camp trek?

Great to spend time with Ian & Cynthia, Justin & Lucy – as well as the team from Counterslip.

Pokhara was just wonderful.

46 new churches from 1 in 13 years – that’s pretty decent growth.

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