Wednesday, 22 April 2009

a question of balance...

‘What number one new sport can I follow?’ - Tom’s question after last night’s thrilling (if you were a neutral) 4-4 draw at Anfield between Arsenal and Liverpool. Having left home at 2.30pm and arriving back at 2.30 am you do have to ask some questions which involve words such as ‘madness’ and ‘stupidity’. If only it were that easy to walk away! Today I don’t like football.

Today I had my first golf lesson – could this be  a rival to football? It all looks so easy whenever you watch someone else, but it all sounds so complicated even talking about how to grip the club – still, good fun though.

What happened to the sabbatical? Aren’t sabbaticals supposed to be about doing something spiritual and productive? Well, Roy Searle, to quote again on this one, claims they should be about ‘holy pottering’ – basically DOING nothing. Whilst I warm very much to Roy’s sentiment here, I’m not sure I want to go that far, but this says more about me than anything else I realise. However, what I think sabbatical time is about (today, I may change my mind tomorrow) is balance. I’ve been thinking about Sabbath rest – mainly cos I need some. Isn’t there something I the way God designed the fact night follows day and each week is to have a break in it, which is about trying to ensure there’s a balance to life. My friend Geoff (wonder and wondering) will have something profound to offer about the place of silence in any piece of music I’m sure. Certainly, there is a time for everything as Ecclesiastes reminds us, but Christian ministry has a way of changing all that and some of the ordinary and normal can easily be pushed out. Of course, the consequences of this is a hard-working Minister, but one who is out of synch with the rest of the world and what is it not-yet Christian people need to encounter more than anything? OK apart from Jesus, what is it not-yet Christian people need to encounter? So, I’ve booked another golf lesson and I intend to get on the driving range before then. The real trick though is maintaining the balance after the sabbatical is over.

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