Wednesday, 27 May 2009

blame the culture

One of the pressing issues we need to get more of a handle on in this whole business of church ‘culture’ – the way we do things around here. There’s no doubting the prevailing culture can dominate over individuals instincts – anyone doubting this just needs to listen carefully to how many MP’s have sought to avoid personal responsibility and accountability by blaming the ‘culture’. All this on the back of a recession which has been fuelled by similar avoidances by bankers et al – also blaming the prevailing culture. I’ve not found very much written which offers any great help – a couple of books from the USA, but nothing, which really helps pastors get a handle on working on changing things for the good. I’d be glad to hear from anyone who has found anything useful in this department as I really do think it’s something we need to tackle more openly. My basic approach is to begin with identifying what the culture actually is – not what we think it is, or should be – as only then can we realistically set about bringing in some change. From here, there seems to be a need to focus upon our desired values, so we have a benchmark against which future plans and patterns of behaviour can be tested. What drives plans into the sand, however, seems to be the ability to hold to what seems to be a great idea on paper. Are Baptist Churches more susceptible to voices, which challenge our values in the name of giving everyone their voice? Any help gratefully received in this department.

Yes, I am glad Barcelona won the Champions League Final – some awesome football. I remember a similar display at Anfield when they beat us 3-1 after we’d scored first. I was on the Kop that night and we just had to applaud their brilliance – they made Man Utd look very ordinary tonight.

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