Friday, 22 May 2009

Roger - friend and colleague

Tomorrow is the funeral of Roger Martin who has died on the brink of retirement and the Presidency of the Baptist Union. From a human perspective alone, it is a tragedy and certainly for Liz, his wife, and their family. Roger was an inspiration when I was at Spurgeon’s College in the 1980’s and since then I have been privileged to call him a friend. One thing which always struck me was his willingness to engage seriously with younger and far less experienced people like me - thanks mate. I frequently sat with Roger on a group we both part of and he was a good supplier of fun and laughter, as well as insight and wisdom. He was someone who knew how to grow a church and his track record demonstrates this is no idle statement – he led churches to grow throughout his long and distinguished ministry. Not only will there be rejoicing in heaven as the angels extend a warm welcome, not only will there be a ‘well done, good and faithful servant, but there are also numerous people who have the hope of heaven in their hearts as a result of Roger Martin.

All this leads to numerous thoughts:

What is faithfulness in ministry?

What is success in ministry?

How do we invest in treasures I heaven?

What kind of legacy shall I leave?

How do we replace people like Roger?

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