Friday, 8 May 2009

give the guy a break....

Don't you just love e-mail?

A snippet of conversation.

Really annoyed (but mildly impatient) Baptist Minister: ‘I’m really naffed off with that Nigel Coles bloke. I’ve e-mailed him and he hasn’t even had the courtesy to reply.'

Really switched on, blog reading, cutting-edge missional what-not: ‘Give him a break. He’s had unbelievable trouble with his e-mail provider. Apparently he’s not received your e-mail if you’ve sent it during the last two weeks, but the fourth person he spoke to at tiscali has finally sorted it out. So why not send him a nice, pleasant, undemanding e-mail and repeat what you think you’ve already said. Just in case.’

Really annoyed, but now much more understanding and slightly less impatient Baptist Minister: ‘You’ve just made my Friday.’  

Really switched on, blog reading, cutting-edge missional what-not: Have you seen what all that ice-cream did to him in Rome?'

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