Monday, 3 August 2009

attachment and separation

Having at least downloaded some photos from last week in Dorset, I found this one spoke to me a little more about attachment, loss and separation – most likely due to some of my thoughts on welcoming Emily home from Brazil on Saturday.

Her plane landed at 2.57, but it wasn’t until 4.10 she appeared through arrivals. That was a long hour during which I had a myriad of thoughts and feelings, which focused much of the last five months:

‘what if she’s not on the plane?’, ‘what if it’s crashed?’, ‘what if we’re waiting for the wrong plane?’ (it had already landed you Wally). I think the last few months will have helped me empathise with more people on a deeper level. How do missionaries deal with the sense of separation from those they love? How do the families of those who go away long-term cope with their emotions? How do people feel about God who may appear to have removed loved ones from their presence? What about the expectation of someone who’s died to still walk through the door any moment? What about those who would love, but haven't been able to have children? So, as you’ll begin to realise, a sobering and introspective chapter, which I’m sure has done us both some ‘good’, but it sure is good to have her home safe and well – oh yeah, she’s off again next week, but that’s only to Scotland! 

Another angle has made me think about how we support those abroad from our fellowships – this time from a parents’ perspective rather than as a church leader. I’ve developed a much greater sympathy for those who petition the pastor for space for ‘their’ passion!

Now having had some holiday I need to get some blogging done too, but this is different - this is therapy.

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