Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Luke 10

I’ve just got around to reading some of the www. lausanneworldpulse.com news (July). In this edition Younoussa Djao, of New Generations International and Serving In Mission, shares principles that have made a break-through for the gospel possible among some of the remaining nations to be reached. What I found re-assuring was he is not advocating anything new, or beyond us here:

i.                   Go where Jesus is about to go.

ii.                  Make sure to pray!

iii.                Look for the person of peace.

iv.                 Either do your ministry through the person of peace or leave.

v.                  Respond to the needs.

vi.                 Present God’s word via ‘discovery bible studies.’

vii.           Start Churches that multiply.

You can read the whole article at the above address. I was pleased to see Luke 10 featuring quite significantly as it’s become a key text for us over recent times. It’s encouraging to recognize these principles have been passed on after working with groups where ‘there is much resistance to the gospel’. I continually hear people telling me how difficult it is here, there or wherever for the gospel and am intrigued as to how they measure the difficulty.

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