Monday, 10 August 2009


Working hours and Ministry is always an emotive subject, and having a sabbatical, does make you think a little more about it again. Interestingly the greatest defenders of not having a maximum hours ceiling are Ministers themselves and, as someone who works alongside quite a number, I can say more problems occur in Churches because of Ministers working too much, than working too little - I have very few lazy Ministers. Whether they're busy doing what they should be doing ........!
Anyway, the European directive for junior doctors working a maximum number of hours (in their case 48) brings an interesting angle to the argument and I've always maintained with deacons if their Minister is 'working' in more than 16 sessions out of 21 per week they every much a problem than someone not doing enough. 
This weekend has been lovely in many ways - had time to go cross country schooling with Ben on friday, went to watch Forest Green Rovers play my home town team, Kettering, on Saturday. This was followed by a lovely meal cooked by a friend of Ben's who's staying at present whilst we watched the balloons from the Bristol Balloon Festival fly overhead, nice BBQ yesterday after church - in the sun!, film club after evening service - all good fun and leisurely. I'm convinced that the whole principle of sabbath is, as Jesus says, is for our benefit - it's not just we need enough leisure time for rest, but the rest of our lives need it to live.

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