Sunday, 6 September 2009

Back after sabbatical part two this week and the aftermath of a break always takes me by surprise. You may think I'm stupid, but you quickly forget how silly it is to put things in your diary which mean you don't get a day off and that's what I've done. That said, I admit it's been a good week and good to get back into things. Still catching up on people and situations ... and e-mail. A good induction at Warminster on Saturday where we welcomed Roy who's come to join us from South Africa and I have a hunch he'll be a great asset. Preaching at Corsham this morning too went well from my perspective - unless everyone was just tryng to make my feel good (which is no bad strategy I hasten to add). We're also looking in WEBA at how we can intentionally plant 10 new churches over the next few years and I'm hoping everyone will be able to get on board with that - especially during a recession when people get rather anxious about funding. My hope is, however, we'll be forced to look at some more helpful planting models, which are not Minister and finance driven in the initial stages - hopefully I'm not the only person who'll be excited by that one. Wedding anniversary today, which means I took the decision to drive up to Manchester ready for breakfast tomorrow morning rather than this evening, which I guess my more sensible colleagues will do. I've already been told I need my head testing, but nothing new there. Strangely, however, I enjoy an early morning drive and as long as I can fit a decent large coffee in en route, I wont worry too much about breakfast. We've already had a wonderful meal out last night and together with afternoon tea at Hunstrete House (a voucher Maggie was given for a wedding cake) missing one meal wont do me any harm. The car stinks of horse and hay as I haven't had a chance to clean it - Ben's at Burghley Horse Trials and so the 'C' team are mucking out! - first time ever though, so hope the horse survives.

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