Monday, 28 September 2009


Even though I have an all day executive meeting today, my overwhelming feeling on reflecting back over the weekend, is one of relief. The first Cluster for Partnership for Missional Church launched us very well into what I hope and pray will be an exciting journey for the nine congregations involved ( 5 Baptist, 4 Anglican). I spent the first part of the Leaders Day on friday thinking what a great shame more of our churches had not been brave enough to come along on this journey because it will scratch where many are itching. However, once I'd been challenged along with the churches taking part to focus on the gifts God has given to a church, rather than on what we're not good at, I was able to get going. The response to Saturday was overwhelmingly good - but a number don't like American work schedules - not sufficient, or long enough, civilised tea breaks! Anyway, much to be thankful for, although a long way to go yet - at least it's started after such a long and frustrating wait. Now, on to the exec, which could be crucial.

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