Wednesday, 9 September 2009

would Jesus have an iPhone?

So, would Jesus have an i-Phone?

I have to admit I’m delighted with my new toy (sorry, essential ministry aid) and it’s already making my life a little easier and more manageable. For the first time ever I have a seamless synch between my pocket diary and my laptop – I know people still use paper, but I run out of space and I prefer the delete button to a rubber. I always remember Tony Campolo’s answer to ‘would Jesus own a Mercedes?’ = it’s a status symbol and Jesus doesn’t play that game. I tend to agree, so I had to get over those accusations (at least in my own mind), but decided (eventually) an iPhone was the best thing for the job I needed and, therefore, worth it. Of course, Luke 10 comes to mind when Jesus sends his disciples out without purse, sandels etc – so no look in for an iPhone there! Can I use it? – ah now, that’s a different thing!

It does raise questions as to how Churches and Christian organisations determine what is, or is not, appropriate equipment for their staff. What place do cost, need, affordability, appropriateness, stewardship, and a whole host of other issues, play? What would Jesus do?

Another useful thing is the microphone – I was able to record an interview on Bristol community radio this lunch-time with Emily and her friend Faye, about heir gap-year trips abroad – hardly justification, but very handy!

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