Monday, 19 October 2009

making waves?

I thought the best line from Roy Searle during our Saturday morning with leaders drawn from across our region was 'if you want to run something, go and get a job at Curry's - the pay's about he same, but the hours are a lot better.' Cheers Roy, I'll use that not a few times, I'm sure, in the months ahead. Saturday was a good event where we brought twelve groups of leaders together, plus a number who came on their own. My sense is, this needs to be one part of the criteria for what we put on as WEBA - will it be more than event? will there be at least the potential of multiplication? Roy helped us ensure both were a good 'yes' this time around.
The picture here, however, is from our retreat last week. I wonder how often most of us get back to that point where we realise God is speaking to us regularly, but we've been too preoccupied to listen? Certainly (once again!!) that was my experience last week and I'm hugely grateful to God for the opportunity to stop and listen. We talk about making a difference, but whatever we do needs to arise from a place of having met and hearing God. Just look at how the light is breaking through that clearing in the cloud.

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