Monday, 5 October 2009

sorting out the apples from the pears

I'm always interested in people who are able to take some initiative - especially when there's a strong element, which can make a real difference. It was with some delight, therefore, I witnessed the mincing and juicing of apples of last week. Ian and Tanya are members of our church at Tytherington and have started producing their own apple juices, which are delicious - certainly the two varieties I've tasted so far. They have an orchard of 80 trees and are now in their second season - growing traditional Gloucestershire varieties. Ian's had groups along to hear their story without charge, but accepting contributions for Operation Agri.
Another couple who are doing something very significant are Geoff and Jan Wallis. They are significant players for who are seeking to raise significant money to build a six storey centre for Sofia Baptist Church.
My anxiety stems from the 'fact' I find too few of them among churches - the problem often surfaces when individual ideas are shared too widely in a way, which requires wider support. Because entrepreneurs, by nature, can't easily answer what the project will look for at the end of the day, or produce a nicely budgeted management plan they don't get off the corporate ground. It's a similar reason why many evangelists have to find expression for their ministry outside of the orbit of a local church.

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