Sunday, 18 October 2009

remembering people were God's idea....

If I was a normal, rational human being, I should be moaning all day about a stupid beach ball which greatly influenced Liverpool's defeat (1-0) against Sunderland yesterday - now even the non-football readers are vaguely interested!
However, and this is much better for my sanity and sanctification, I'm thinking about the gifts of God, which come our way in the shape of people.
Ray and Annie are two of them. These wonderful people opened up their beautiful home for seven of us to share a retreat together last week in Wales. There are people who have the gift of hospitality and then there's these two are in the premier league - thanks for everything.
Roy - Roy Searle is a wonderful gift and has been again this week. Roy led us brilliantly through the two days, but was also sufficiently part of us - thanks Roy.
My other five colleagues - we had a three way retreat for the Regional Ministers of South West, South Wales & WEBA and we had a great time together - thanks guys.
And then I start thinking about the willingness of Roy's wife, Shirley, which enables him to travel. i'm thinking about the Ministers who came to Thornbury yesterday morning - I thank God for those who have the wisdom and foresight to bring along other leaders and who are genuinely concerned about spiritual leadership. I think about the nice people we met, just briefly, in the theatre last night. What a blessing to simply receive such good gifts.

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