Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Leadership or direction? either/or/both/and?

Pokhara Baptist Church - not a great view into the church, but look out of the back window and you'll wonder: 'is this the church building with the greatest view in the world?'

I often hear about (and also frequently, personally lament) the lack of leadership. We need more leaders. Everywhere, in both general society and within the Church.
Every church asks for one during a pastoral vacancy. In fact, the only people I hear not asking for more leadership are the ‘leaders in servants clothing’ group of Baptist Ministers, who protest too loudly. “We’re not leaders, we’re Ministers” I hear them cry, but when I visit their churches, it’s a very different tale I hear, which leaves me wondering what’s happened to self-awareness in the league table of Baptist competencies?
However, I’m also producing a work-book for Christian DNA groups, which is designed for ‘leaderless’ groups. Groups of three, meeting around the person of Jesus, seeking to be his followers. If Jesus is the leader, does one of us need to be?
So, am I wrong to promote such a way forward? The question is, for me, is it primarily more leaders we need, or is it actually direction?
You can have a leader who takes you …. nowhere fast.
You can have a leader who takes you backwards.
You can have a leader who takes you round and round in circles.

One of my favourite book titles, without doubt, is Eugene Peterson’s “Long Obedience in the Same Direction.’ ‘Same direction’ is crucial, more crucial than leadership?

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