Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Regional lucky draw?

To post, or not post, that is often my question.
Today, definitely not!
Today I have a morning to catch up on what I've not been attending to.
Today I went for a run and decided 'no posting' - I usually do this on the hoof.
Today I ended up taking my son to work because his car broke down, starting it on return, getting it to the garage, coffee due at 11 am when I returned.
So, definitely 'no posting' - no time!
So, here we are ...... 

The BUGB e-news sweep of 21st December revealed the most clicked on story this year (so far) was entitled ‘New Regional Minister Team Leader for LBA’. Interesting.

Maybe this was inevitable, LBA being, by far and away, our largest Baptist Association.

Maybe it reveals people are still interested in who is appointed to be the key leader within an Association.

Maybe it reveals the fact our ‘system’ is not quite what we think it is. I’m grateful to Neil for highlighting this news via his blog: distinct reflections. Good for you Neil, but what else is this saying, apart from Neil is posting what people want to read?

Yes, it reveals how people choose, increasingly, to be informed and glean their news, but it also begs the question: why not either the LBA, or BUGB chose to announce this piece of information? Does it reveal who really 'owns' our RM's? - the churches and the people who form them.

I love spending time with leaders in churches looking at vision, strategy, mission plans, etc. However, two things I have come to realise are:

i.               You can change the structures, produce the statements, make the plans, but if the dominant culture doesn't change among any group of people, nothing substantially changes and when the current leader moves on, we return to the previous default.
ii.              If the vision, statements, plans are not evidenced in the practices of the people, shred them (the statements, not the people!).

We tend to run churches by words, but the bible tells us Jesus (the word) became flesh.

Now, the catching up!

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