Saturday, 10 December 2011

Welton stages record-breaking nativity

Here's a story of the one of our churches in this week's on-line Baptist Times:

Somerset town stages record-breaking nativity

THE WORLD Record for the most number of people in a nativity scene was unofficially broken on Friday - thanks to an ambitious project spearheaded by a Baptist church in Somerset.

More than 740 people crammed into the open-air production at Midsomer Norton, and although the figures still have to be verified by Guinness World Records the event looks to have comfortably beaten the current record of 567 set in Sassi di Matera in Italy.

The event was coordinated by Welton Baptist Church, which had been asked to help organise the town's annual lantern fayre.
To capture people's imagination the church decided to go for a record, inviting people to come dressed as shepherds to the event.
The local town council loved the idea, as did local businesses and schools.

An advertising campaign was launched encouraging people to don tea towels and dressing gowns and head to the Hollies Gardens in the high street, where the nativity was being staged.

The invitation was open to anyone who wanted to take part, and those who did were ushered into areas in front of and behind the stage.
As part of the production they were involved in singing of carols and responding to a couple of questions.

Matt Coomes, the church's outreach worker, was one of the organisers.
'It took a lot of organising, and thankfully went very well,' he told The Baptist Times.
'There were people from all over the town involved, not just the churches. It was a lovely atmosphere.
'It was a great opportunity to get into schools and we want to keep developing our relationships with the town council and local businesses.'

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