Sunday, 16 February 2014

Following the Exodus

So why spend so much time and so much money and travel so far, for two days?  I've just returned, home to Bristol, from The Space in Between, held in Texas. Of course, I missed the storm, which is probably a good reason! However, Alan Roxburgh is onto something, from my view, and that something is that God is up to something. The dominant motif, for some years now, has been we're (UK Church and Church across the Western world) in exile. Not denying the myriad of helpful insights this has brought and will continue to bring, but I've been uncomfortable about the monopoly view this has taken.
Exodus needs a hearing! The lessons of living in the wilderness also have something to teach us, just as learning to sing the Lord's song in a strange land does.

I guess I'm looking for some balance - living through the wilderness and exile are in our guidebook and both have great help to bring. Two things about the wilderness from Exodus we need to recover, however, are an utter dependence upon God for direction of travel and sustenance for the journey, plus a confidence in God in the wilderness he's probably led us to, just as he did Moses et al.

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