Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Space in Between.

Well, just had a fascinating two days at The Space in Between – essentially a workshop aimed at regional and national denominational leaders. For a starter, it brought together a fascinating blend of different tribes – Baptist, Mennonite, Lutheran, Episcopalian, mainly. The two people, known to those of us in the UK who read around the missional conversation, heading up the days are Alan Roxburgh and Craig Van Gelder. It’s refreshing to engage with people like these, who are undoubtedly impressive, but bring a humility and openness, and a genuine sense of not knowing (and, therefore, not trying to provide) all the answers. Alan I've known for a number of years, just met Craig, but worth the airfare for what you can't get from the books.
For me, operating in a regional Baptist context, I sense an affirmation we're moving in the right direction – in terms of trying to nurturing teams of people, who can cultivate collaboration, discernment in seeing where God is at work and a willingness to take risks.

One observation on our North American brothers and sisters, who are bemoaning their lack of finances and resources, is they will probably have to see things get worse, before they get better – wealth becomes ‘baggage’ if it gets in the way of the mission of God. We began with dwelling in the word, from Luke 10 and Jesus’ command ‘take no baggage’ is one, which is easier to respond to when you have less to leave. Now whether my colleagues across the UK are going to agree with me, or not, remains to be seen, as we can always use more finances, but too much is a greater spiritual issue than too little when it comes to money.
Special thanks to the TMN team for great hospitality and a delicious Texan steak.

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