Thursday, 13 February 2014

No intentionality, no mission of God?

We had Chris Wright (the big ‘The Mission of God’ book one) speaking at our Ministers Conference the week before. One of the comments someone fed back to me was, 'he didn't teach me anything I didn't already know'. I've pondered this one. 

What would we have done with anything 'new'? After several years talking about 'missional church', I don't know a single church (obviously this will be a challenge peculiar to West of England Baptists!), which does not have something to learn. When we say 'know', what we usually mean is an intellectual, or conceptual, assent to whatever's being said. When the Bible calls us to 'know' there is something very different in mind.

So, after several years of talking, we have a pretty good theological consensus around what we now understand as 'the mission of God'. The challenge we face is to live out the paradigm, get in the flow of the intentionality of God's Spirit, or however else you wish to term it.

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