Monday, 14 July 2008

3 in 1

Yesterday was our WEBA ‘3 in 1’ event, which I have to say, the morning after the night before, went very well. We had over 300 different people come along for something during the day – numbers built for the celebration, although some returned to evening worship in their own place. Ian Bunce, who’s head of our BUGB Mission Dept. spoke well in the evening and I also went to his seminar on ‘the 10 condemn-ments of mission – how not to do mission, which was also good. It was great to have the Community Choir with us from St Marks in Bristol for the Celebration component .  In fact, there was a lovely feel to the day – no doubt the fact folk could sit in the sun for their tea helped. I wonder, just wonder, if we’re beginning to gather folk who come along because they see the growing sense of vision and mission for the region, rather than because they feel their Church needs to be represented? It’s difficult to gauge such things, but there was no hint of a critical spirit, a warm appreciation (at least in my hearing!) of what went on and a genuine sense of togetherness. All that has to be good news. 


Johnny said...

Glad to have met you today at the Alan Hirsch event, Nigel.

Peace & blessings


roanna said...

great to have you along