Wednesday, 30 July 2008

slow down, you're moving too fast

I must be getting into the holiday mood - slowing down. Yesterday I was up at Baptist House and popped in on a few folk just to say 'hello' for half an hour or so. It was really good fun just to breeze through, stop a few folk from working and just basically have those nothing important, but good to connect conversations. 'Be still and know that I am God' always seemed to be such a religious thing, but I find it's as much about finding God in the ordinary - more about spotting Him among ordinary conversations and circumstances in a way I miss when traveling at frantic speed. I also managed to fit in a quick tour of the Didcot charity shops and pick up some more holiday reading. The question now is what to ditch? Will some of the late purchases find their way straight into the first team, or not? Oh - at last the Robbie Keane transfer to Liverpool has gone through - maybe by the time I return from holiday we'll have bagged someone else decent too. Robbie Keane is a fan - I too dreamed of playing for the reds as a boy, but he's done it. I'm remembering my proudest school report comment: 'he eats, drinks and sleeps football - if Nigel spent as much effort on his school work he could do well.' Mum and Dad weren't quite as impressed, but just think - if I hadn't listened.... 

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