Monday, 7 July 2008

film club

What a final! I was gutted to only see the first two sets – especially when I saw the result. It was film club night last night and we had a really good chat around Amazing Grace. I guess a ‘mixed response’ was the reaction to the actual film, but we spent the vast majority of time talking about the issues of slavery and the implications for today – people trafficking, fair trade, development issues. The thing that struck me this morning was the fact I doubt if I’d have talked with about such serious things with folk in this group were it not for the film. Next time we’ll be on Prince Caspian – whoever’s in the group decides the next film, but I admit to pushing for this one myself.

As we arrived home Ben also drew up in his car. First time he’s been back since finishing term as he stayed on the Wirral to ride for a few weeks. We’re hoping Louise, who he’s been working/riding for, might get picked today for Beijing to ride for Ireland. It’s good to see Ben – albeit briefly as I’m off till Wednesday. Amongst his many interests is people-watching – he’s accumulating a load of interesting stories from living on planet horse – just a shame a Baptist Minister’s can’t quite run to sponsoring him with a decent 4-legged competitor!

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