Monday, 15 September 2008

Bristol Half

Life is pretty hectic at present - not that I was working yesterday, but I am still recovering from the Bristol Half. Liverpool won - even without Gerrard and Torres - not spoken to many Man Utd fans yet, but a couple have had the misfortune of phoning today - great! Saturday morning I pulled something in my back - getting some milk out of the fridge - so not a great start. However, I managed 1.40 which wasn't bad, but not the PB I wanted - there's always another time: (gosh how do Olympic athletes feel when it's another 4 years?). Tom did brilliantly - round in 1.27 which puts him at 307th. out of 16,000 - unlike me he had something left at the end as well. My main problem today (apart from a stiff back AND legs) is what do I wear tomorrow? Maggie and I are off to London for Emily's show with RAJE. We also get an invite to the party for Ethical Fashion whatever's, which should be interesting. Emily says we must look smart and I have to wear a suit - which limits how trendy you can really be, but tie, or no tie, that is the question! Oh - had a phone chat with an Olympic Medalist this afternoon too. Unfortunately, she (Mary King) didn't want to speak to me, but Ben. I tend to re-act to people getting all parental and proud, (whilst being incredibly insensitive to everyone else etc.) - but whilst I'm reflecting on how long ago it was when I could race them all and win, I'm also realising all three have overtaken me in many, many, ways - which actually feels rather great - more like taking on the baton round the next leg, than being left behind. Bit gushy, but don't have much time....

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