Monday, 8 September 2008

technology, technology, technology

Just how dependent are we on technology? I've been reflecting on the fact that when I first began in 'regional ministry' I had to give in and buy a mobile phone - I'd struggle to be without it now! I used a computer, but e-mail was only just mushrooming - now my letter-box is a fraction of what it what, but my inbox....! I didn;t have a PDA - if it crashes, I'm done for. The prompt for all this is rather depressing (o dear, that bad?) - my beloved macbook has gone into be sorted. Apparently some devious bit of software downloaded - no doubt from a microsoft source - has caused havoc. I'm just hoping I've backed up everything I need, but suspect a few things will be lost - not to mention having to re-start an address book (please Lord no!). En route to dropping the macbook into the shop, Emily (who i wa sropping off elsewhere) discovered she's left her mobile phone behind - so now I've dropped her the other side of Bristol and have no idea whether she'll be back home today, or not. Spare a thought and pray for me! (yopu can choose how). Now, back to the question - how dependent are we? (or do i just mean me?) I'm off to talk with a group of leaders tonight and have had to scrape something together because all the material I wanted was on my laptop and the PC wont read my files on the external hard drive. How did the Apostle Paul cope without it all?


Geoff Colmer said...

Oh no! - not a good scenario. And it was only last week that I was looking longingly at your Mac. Regardless of your experience, I'm still going in that direction. Hope you get it sorted soon.

Nigel Coles said...

Thanks Geoff - and others who've 'helpfully' e-mailed!