Monday, 29 September 2008


My macbook is back! The verdict was ‘there’s nothing wrong with it!’ – great news except for the last three weeks my e-based side of life and work has gone out the window. The answer, apparently, to my problems is some interference from the wireless network at home, which prevents the machine coming on. So if it happens again (and it has) I switch off the router etc. and then when I re-boot – hey presto! It’s beyond me and I’m not rushing to get the manuals out and try and sort out the problem, but at least I can use it.

I’ve discovered what king of blogger I am – as a result of this episode, when I’ve had access to a PC in my study, I’ve hardly blogged. I blog on the fly, I blog in front of the TV, I blog when I have half an hour in the car spare. I don’t sit down in front of the computer and say, what shall I blog today? Never really wondered how other people do it, but one or two have asked how I find the time – and the answer is ‘all of the above’. Now it’s back, I must get going on the blogging again.

Well, we have a new member of the family! Yes, we did stop at three children, but now Hattie has joined us – at least for a year. Hattie, aka Henricka, however is a horse. Ben has taken her on loan and dad, having a tow-bar, was enlisted to fetch her (from Gravesend) and deliver her (to the Wirral) via Bristol – even without doing the maths, that’s a fair way. Two days of towing a horse-box – Maggie thinks I’m weird, but I actually enjoyed it. Ben, now in his second year at Vet School, has added to his already fairly full agenda for the next 12 months. He’s hoping to get Hattie geared up for next seasons eventing and make some more progress towards one of his ambitions – competing at Badminton. As he said, one childhood ambition was realised as we drove away from Matt Prior (who’s lent the horse) with Hattie in tow.

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