Wednesday, 4 March 2009

fertile inactivity

I've been away at the delightful Charney Bassett again this week and will try not to focus on the delights of the desserts - needless to say, they were well up to the high expectation levels we've developed. It was farewell to Norman Tharby who has been the Regional Team Leader for the South East - we shall miss you Norman as well as the six bottles of Merlot! Anyway, amongst all what was going on my friend Geoff prayed for me, as I begin to think more about my pending sabbatical, that I might have plenty of opportunity for 'fertile inactivity'. What a wonderful phrase (Geoff's own blog is  Wonder and Wondering ). I'd already admitted my sabbatical plans were ludicrously filled with unrealistic expectations and how I'd ignored Roy Searl's advice 'do nothing'. However, the idea of fertile inactivity is a good one for me and I've been praying all the way back to Bristol along the lines of 'Lord what do you want to grow in my life?' The idea of culvitating the ground is crucial to good growth and I guess I'm being challenged about the need to not merely be patient about what God might be wanting to do and grow, but to intentionally create the space - clear the ground of the usual rhythm of activity to the point where you can't see what'll pop up. In  that sense, the front door of Charney photo is a symbolic representation of God's invitation. Thanks Geoff!

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