Saturday, 7 March 2009

Partnership for Missional Church

Today we began the first (half) Cluster for Partnership for Missional Church here in the UK. We're going into this as a partnership between WEBA, Together in Mission and the Dioceses of Bath & Wells & Bristol. It was a relief to get going as some of us have been thinking about this for quite some time - Alisdair and I went to the States two years ago now to look at its operation. Thankfully, it was a great day - 9 congregations are so far on board and we anticipate others 'singing up' before September, which will be the full start date. The mix between Anglicans & Baptists worked well and I think will prove to be an asset to this UK pilot. Hopefully, we'll have some more Baptists brave enough to give it a go as I have a hunch this is going to prove extremely useful for any church willing to come on the adventure. The basic underlying intention is to enable any church to see a culture change towards becoming a truly missional congregation over a three year period. The good thing about PMC is that it offers any church a framework within which they find their own place and ways forward & if Martin Robinson think it's a good thing, that's good enough for me. Will it help? Time will tell, but I'm in the DL Moody camp on this one - 'rather the way I do it, than the ways you don't' etc. - it's definitely worth an experiment, or two.

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