Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year

Well, a happy new year to all my readers! Feels like I need to say that as I get back into a new blogging year. It never ceases to amaze me when someone pops something into the conversation, which clearly reveals they’ve read something here, but don’t really want to say so – or have forgotten – often hilarious (inwardly of course!).

We had a good time over Christmas and the New Year – mostly taken up with various gatherings of family, but a good time to catch up and, also, unhurried which I appreciated. Ministry can easily feel like you’re on a treadmill with next Sunday approaching at a rate of knots – so not preaching yesterday was welcome.

Am I alone in being hooked by Wallander? I’ve picked up on both the English version with Kenneth Brannagh as well as the original Swedish one, which I prefer at this stage, even though you have to really watch it and can’t read, or surf the web, at the same time (well, my Swedish means I have to watch the subtitles in any case). I think the photography is particularly evocative in both versions and demonstrates how vital atmosphere is.

New Year resolutions? Among my own reflections is the need for me to be more disciplined about finding silence on a daily basis – before I even bother to pray I need to re-kindle that space in, which God can get a word in. Oh yeah – do something about the diary and start practising the less is more I preach.

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