Friday, 22 January 2010

ravers getting high on God ... and stuff

Oh dear, even the title is going to cause problems isn't it? Well, first a thank you to the BUGB E-news sweep for today who alerted me to this story on Sloshfest. Here's thelink, but you'd be best to sign up yourself, Baptist or not - it's an alert to news items with a Christian dimension. This is a great service (the BUGB communications one, not the rave one you understand) for me as I get alerted to all manner of items , which I'd usually miss. As a matter of course I don't comment, but isn;t this interesting? One interesting thing to me is it only happens once a year yet it gets into the Sun, which is not renowned for its free publicity for something the Church is doing. Second, it's noticable, but sad, the negative comments printed in a UK newspaper are all from the USA. Now, I'm not knocking the USA - I'll be spending the best part of three days with one because we have our Partnership for Missional Church Cluster weekend - but they do tend to see most things 'church' rather differently. Anyway, whilst I doubt if I'd enjoy the music, I'm enthusiastic about the principles behind it.
My friend, Geoff Colmer - wonder and wondering - also blogged yesterday about 'entry level church' - good point.

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