Friday, 29 January 2010

thanks David

We had our retreat for the South West Regional Church Leaders this week, which is always a really good place to connect with those from some of the other Tribes! This year we had David Coffey along to lead our sessions and I was delighted a Baptist was so much appreciated as we're not renowned for our retreat input.
The fact I was extolling the blessings of my Sat Nav to him en route from the station to the conference centre, and then we lost, is another story.
David is drawing towards the end of his five year stint as BWA President, which has involved a huge amount of travel.Whilst I fancy some of that, I'm not so keen on so much life from a suitcase. However, among other things he brought some reflections from his broad perspective and the one I've dwelt with was his comment about how we have failed to contend for the principle that life always precedes organisation. Bearing in mind his 'we' was addressed to denominational leaders he talked a little about:
- why do we choose to give our best energies to structures?
- we were chosen because we were considered 'safe', but safe leadership heads organisations, whereas dynamic leadership is called to lead a movement.
- life precedes order.
- relationships before structures.
Now, as I've been living in the tension between organisation and movement for some time now, I want to thank David for some bread for the journey.

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