Monday, 1 February 2010

faith in football?

I've had a few conversations with friends recently about the state of modern football and there's no doubt there's a certain nostalgic atmosphere around them - wasn't it great when you could stand behind the goal, when you had to get in Anfield at least an hour before kick-off to get a decent view, when you could just turn up and queue, when tickets didn't cost an arm and a leg. Of course, no one mentioned you couldn't watch football on TV apart from MOTD & Sportsnight, how the urinals were frequently ankle deep (especially at Wembley I recall), how as a child you needed a wooden step to stand on to see anything even if at the front, etc. So, is it my age and that of my friends? Anyway, what place does Christianity, or Christian values, now have in the midst of a set-up , which seems to be dominated by mammon?
What I find fascinating is the way in which the question over John terry's future captaincy of England has been raised,a s a result of recent revelations about his private life. So, who says what I do in my private life has nothing to do with my work? If we were talking Clergy it's one thing, but this is irreligious football - interesting?
I've wondered about starting a new blog on faith in football as a means of engagement, but then wonder where I'd find more time. Anyone know of any Christians passionate about both football and missional engagement,who would be interested in sharing the load?

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