Thursday, 25 February 2010

delirious ... history makers...?

I don’t generally do facebook, but last week I went to our Team Leaders meeting to be greeted by Jez Brown’s comment ‘I like the breakfast’. Apparently, our present guest from Belgium had posted pictures of me preparing a very fine English breakfast! However, whilst I don’t look at facebook very often, I have signed up to join the group looking to place Delirious’ ‘History Maker’ at no 1 this Easter. Good idea, or not, it’s another insight into the power of social networking and the internet. Reading ‘Here Comes Everybody’ by Clay Shirky at the moment too. This is subtitled “how change happens when people come together” and is all about the new future of involvement. Now whether us Christians cotton onto make best use of what is essentially something part of the very fabric of the mission of God remains to be seen.Here’s the youtube link to the song, if you didn’t sing it last Sunday, and need to listen for yourself

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