Monday, 15 February 2010

I've been quite humbled these last few weeks. I decided to try and raise £5000 to help build a care centre in Zululand for the children affected as a result of HIVaids. As soon as I looked at the amount in print I began to think I was a little daft as I may have mentioned elsewhere. However, the guy who slipped a £20 note in my hand after the service last night is typical, so the money is coming in and I now have about £1250 - if the ordinary church members of WEBA can do this over and above everything else, it will be fantastic.
I guess I'm not the only one to feel some distress concerning the need for the advertising campaign today - targeting 13-18 year old boys, urging them not to use violence against their girlfriends. I'm not doubting the need, but what kind of society are we producing where one study suggests 25% of girls aged 13 to 17 had experiences physical violence from a boyfriend and a third had been pressured into sexual acts they did not want?
I'll add to this my concern around the lack of what might simply be called teaching in living - discipleship - in the church. The church seems to generally feel we've lost the moral ground in the arena of sexual ethics. Unfortunately, we've so confused the conversations for missional engagement with appropriate boundaries for disciples, many Christians seem to be given a message the ground-rules have shifted within the body of Christ too. I've heard a number of comments recently, which suggest to me our moral compasses are being directed by another pole.
Well, it's monday - a stress free weekend (Liverpool didn't play) - and off to Didcot for Team Leaders & Settlement Team.

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